Book a Photo Lesson

If you want to learn photography, the basics of your camera and how to use it to get great results, I will offer photo lessons to you.

Here are my rates:

  • 4 hours for 280 Euro
  • 8 hours for 400 Euro
  • 2 day course, including late evening/night session 990 Euro (about 18-20 hours)


That’s for lessons within Berlin, Germany and a surrounding area of 50km.

For travel outside of my home region (no matter if within Germany, Europe or worldwide) I will ask for the full travel and lodging costs in a three or four star hotel of my choice.

Travel costs have to be paid up front through bank transfer or PayPal.

The costs of the lesson can be paid once upon meeting, but before the lesson starts. Either in cash, by bank transfer (two days before) or PayPal (up to the start of the lesson).